All I want for Christmas

I have read a bit about the psychology of the entrepreneur: need for achievement, risk-taking propensity, internal locus of control (I am in charge of my own outcomes) and a tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity (ability to make decisions with sometimes incomplete information.)

Yes, yes, yes and yes! What I have also read (and lived) is that entrepreneurship means vulnerability, depression, doubt, guilt, anxiety and isolation.

The past few months have been an emotional roller coaster. In the middle of the night (many nights), I have decided without a doubt to recoil and shrink my business back to one location, that will feel safer and easier, just to get out of bed in the morning, certain that I would push forward and grow this brand.

Next Wednesday we close on a little building in Middletown on Main Street, which will house Perk on Main, Middletown. It will be our third location. We will be purchasing the building, which, after paying over well over 1/2 million dollars in rent since we launched Perk on Main, LLC is incredible.

What drives me?

First, my kid. She's also what gives me the most doubt. I want to provide for her financially, and be a good role model. I also worry that the stress involved in taking these risks could negatively impact her. I worry about how I spend my time, and am acutely aware at how fast she is growing up.

Next, our Perk Crew, who give me the psychological muscles and confidence that we can do things like this because they are cut from a unique cloth of conscientiousness, big personalities and work ethic.

Perk Crew circa 2011 at Perk on Church in Guilford

Our Perk Community, who spends their dollars deliberately in support of local community and sustainable practices. Whose stories, smiles and support keep us perking.

I want to sell more Equal Exchange products, meet, learn about, and buy from more farmers. I want to make more beautiful crepes and give out more gift cards in support of your charity. I want to employ more teenagers and see them move on to management with us, or to college, or to travel, but having gained some good life skills while here.

Keeping cash flowing during the initial six months of opening a new location is a big challenge. In light of lessons learned, we created this Kickstarter campaign to help alleviate some of the financial stress that will inevitably come as we grow in 2016. 

Please consider helping us if you can; we have some awesome awards on our Kickstarter campaign to recognize your support. Our goal is set at $25K (to be used toward the down payment, plumbing, painting, etc!), and we have only til Jan. 14 to reach it. If we don't achieve the fundraising goal, you don't get charged.

Check out the rewards, there might be something that interests you!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Pledge $50 or more and get a Perk mug with a free drink and a Perk t-shirt