Sending Grace to Camp

I used to believe that most business owners were wealthy. Then I became one. Since then, the economic divide between me and most of my 'circle' has become ever-widening.

Oftentimes, before I buy something, I’ll weigh it out monetarily in terms of crepes.

For instance, I’d ask my daughter if that pack of Pokémon cards is ‘worth three crepes’? (Spoiler alert: the answer is always “Yes!”) Or I’d ask myself if that new sweater was really worth six crepes? (Usually a “No!”)

As many of our loyal customers know I’m a single mom to my beautiful 11-year-old daughter, Grace. I’m lucky to have an extremely supportive extended family, but I do pride myself on being able to make it on my own. However, as Grace knows, it has resulted in lots of "No's" when it came to personal spending.

Thanks to the invaluable business advice from people far wiser than me and our incredible team, Perk is having our best year yet. And for the first time, I sent my baby girl off to horseback riding camp. If I calculated how many crepes it cost, I would probably get hives, but thanks to you, it happened.

Please accept my sincere thanks for supporting Perk in so many different ways. Your daily encouragement, support, and love has a profound effect upon our business, families, and community.

Thank you,