Earth Day 2015

Last week was a great one.

Last week there were many stressors (more than usual) and business was better than usual, but that wasn't the point. What's exciting is that our mission is growing. 

First, there's Marlea.

Marlea is one of our cooks; she makes gorgeous crepes. Full of energy and a beautiful smile, we are lucky to have her on our team. She goes to college and has another job as Masonic Care in food service. Marlea informed me that she and one of her co-workers at Masonic created a proposal for Masonic's Director of Food Service. They proposed a way to begin to eliminate food waste from their waste stream and he accepted! After putting together a PowerPoint presentation and presenting it to the residents, the news has been met with rave reviews. 

Father Sam Fuller

Fr. Sam Full, from St. Pius Church, has been at Perk on Main, asking questions about our initiative to keep food waste and recyclables out of the waste stream. Fr. Sam wants to make his parish more environmentally conscious and on Tuesday night, he put together an amazing night with almost 40 people in attendance. Kim O'Rourke, Middletown's recycling coordinator, spoke about Middletown's initiatives and other news around the state. She informed everyone that two new commercial compost facilities are being built in Southington. 

Fr. Sam let me in on the spotlight, and I spoke about Perk's zero-waste initiative, and our ideals about purchasing practices and serving food that was grown with sustainable methods from farmers who make a fair wage. The attendees were enthusiastic and asked so many great questions. 

As we grow and stay true to our promise, our mission deepens and becomes clearer every day. 

Wishing the world a Happy Earth Day, today and always.