CT Small Business Week

I am happy that small business week is over, but boy, did we have fun. 

When first nominated for the SBA Woman Owned Business of the year award, the overwhelming sentiment was 'uncomfortable.' Connecticut is a big state with many incredible businesses owned by sharp women, and I couldn't help but feel that mine was so imperfect. We have so far to go, so much work to do – yet we were being recognized for such a prestigious honor. 

When we won the award, I had to pause for a moment because there was no choice. Leaders of the SBA visited us, along with Congresswoman Rosa Delauro which was quite the honor. We attended the award ceremony in Hartford at Infinity Hall. We made the papers, and hundreds of people came in to congratulate us. We received emails, phone calls, gifts, notes, and cards.

And so we took time to reflect on the many, many people who have helped us along the way, the sacrifices that have been made, and the hard work of our team, both past and present. We took a moment to reflect on what went right, what’s gone wrong… and how close to the edge we have endured. More than anything, we have endured. We are enduring. 

Small business week has come and gone, and I’m back to making crepes and washing dishes (the more the merrier!) But not without my head a little higher from taking a good look at how far we have come, rather than just thinking about where we need to go. And certainly, with immense gratitude to each and every one of you who has supported Perk along the way.